Yoga Teachers Training Courses

Dates, Early Birds, Location and Fees:


and Course

Dates Early Special Price Price Early Special Price with Accommodation Price
Dharamshala- Upper Dharamkot-(India) Prenatal Yoga teachers training 1- 13 September 2014 US$ 700 ( until 1 august) US$1000 US$1000 US$1300
Dharamshala 200 Hours 21 September- 17 October 2014 US$ 1000 (until 21 August 2014) US$1200 US$1300 US$1500
Goa -Arambol 200 hours 25 November- 23 December 2014
US$1200 (until 25 October)
US$1500 guest house associated
GOA -Arambol 200 hours 28 January-28 February 2015 US$1200 ( until 28 December) US$1500 Guest house associated to the school
Goa-Arambol Prenatal Yoga Teacher training 2 January to 16 January 2015
US$1000 ( until 2 December 2014)
US$1200 receiving a list of associated guest houses for different budgets
Dharamshala- upper dharamkot200 Hours 1 April to 29 April 2015 US$1200 ( until 1 March 2015) US$1500 US$1600 US$1700
300 Hours (2 Level)Dharamshala 1 May to 5 June 2015 US$ 1600 until 1  April 2015 US$ 1900 US $1900 US $2000
Prenatal YTTC


6 June- 16 June  2015

US $1000( until 6 May 2015)
US $1200 US $1300 US $1400

Abroad yoga teacher training courses in amazing locations Around the world

Note: for international training’s fee according to country rate


and Course

Dates Early Special Price Price Early Special Price with Accommodation Price
Kuwait (200 hours & prenatal)

(300 hours -2 level course)

2o October – 20 November 2014

1- 29 march 2015


(200 Hours)

14 October – 11 November 2015 contact


( 200 hours)

1 august – 29 august 2015 contact :

All our Yoga teachers Training Courses are registered under Yoga Alliance and are being taught by highly experience Yoga teachers, for detailed information of each course click below in the course you are interested in:

- 200 Hours ( 1 level) YTTC

- 300 Hours ( 2 level) YTTC ( 500 Hours RYT)

- Prenatal Yoga Specialization

Our Price Included ( for all trainings)

  • Cleansing Tools (Neti Pot and Sutra Neti) for Kriya practice
  • Herbal tea twice at day
  • Tuition fee
  • Manual of Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga Teachers Training, complete program ( 200 Hours, 300 Hours and Prenatal respectively )
  • Accommodation if you select fee with this option
Our price doesn’t included

  • accommodation if you select fee without this option
  • flight to India, train / bus ticket / taxi, etc.
  • food (During the Trainings we provide a list with the appropriated places to eat with healthy food ( for all budgets) giving freedom to the students to select during lunch and breakfast
  • some rooms have kitchen

Balance course fee must be paid in cash on the day before the course start either in Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds or INR (amount according to the Dollar rate on the date of payment). Note: for international training’s fee according to country rate

Notice that in Upper dharamkot location the most near ITM is in Mac leod ganj or in Bhagsu 3Km from the school, please take this in consideration as balance fee must be paid one day before course starts

We integrate the study of Yogasana with the philosophy of kashmir Shaivism, having experience of training people from all around the world including (India, Germany,  Mexico, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Peru, UK, South africa, Austria, Usa, Canada,France, Colombia, Sweden, Faroe island,  Japan, Iran, Russia ,Israel, Argentina, Korea, Italy and Norway among others).

Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga is established in Dharamshala during the Spring, Summer and Monsoon and is one of our main Locations. we offer TTC for groups or on personal basis, Winter in our location in Goa and courses Abroad

Yamas and Niyamas of KSSOY rules and regulations during YTTC
- 100% commitment in assisting to the course
-Respect to the teachers in India the teacher- student relationship is to be kept in mind
-follow the instructions given during the lessons, be attentive
- we reserve the right of admission
- prepare for exams, Yoga classes, presentations
- inform a the beginning of the class in case feeling unwell
- respectful communication, not interruptions, questions at the end of the class this allows the topic to be completed and not changed into another discussion
- sundays are free
thank you for interest in the yoga sadhana
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