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The kashmir shaivism school of yoga was founded in 2007 by kashmiri yogacharyas to  transmit and preserve the tradition of  yogic sciences and especially the yogic tradition that originates in the Himalayan valley of Kashmir from where the founders of the school were born . In KSSOY we incorporate different meditations from Kashmir Shaivism (Ancient scriptures of tantra) and Asana, pranayama, Kriyas, Bandhas and Mudras  to teach an integrated approach of yoga  and spread Yoga according to tradition. we are dedicated to offering yoga for the enrichment of all,

Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga conducts a variety of yoga programs, as a school we are offering currently different styles of yogasana practice includes Integrative yoga, Iyengar Yoga, dynamic, Yoga for Women, Yoga teachers training course and  lectures on aspects of Indian culture. There are frequent camps to take part in, intensive programs on Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism Meditation, Pranayamas, Yoga Therapy,  Stress Management, and other Indian ancient sciences

Kashmir Shaivism also is called as trika, the word Trika means three because  Kashmir Saivism is full of triads. The primary triad is of three energies Para(non dual), Apara (dualistic), Parapara (Unity in duality) this whole universe exists because of these three energies.

The school has conducted trainings in South Africa, Arabic Gulf, Singapore and India where they have trained yoga teachers from around the world including Greece, Spain, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Peru, Poland, Canada, USA, Colombia, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland and  Mexico, among many other countries. Graduates of the school in different parts of the world have established their centers, schools, and working professionally to impart lessons that integrate the body work, the yoga as therapy and the Tantric philosophy of Kashmir as a path to healing.

Overview philosophy

  • Focus on the unity of our individual self with the supreme self.
  • Recognition ( Highest reality)
  • Ultimate reality is a vibration ( spanda) which manifest itlself in the consciousness and in the external world

Special features of Trika

  • No repression
  • No distinction based gender caste age
  • Learning based on scriptures
  • Direct experience
  • Meditation based on Shaivism

Five great acts of lord Shiva

  • Creation
  • Preservation
  • Dissolution
  • Veiling
  • Anugraha ( Grace)

Kashmir Shaivism is the study of consciousness (the unexplored area of life, invisible but essential that even science approach). Since consciousness is infinite, our study is without limits. We experience only a small percentage of what is possible to us. Kashmir Shaivism says that if we could pare away that superficial layer and know ourselves as we truly are, we would discover ourselves as divine beings. Shiva Himself Idealistic and realistic in essence, strongly advocating a pragmatic approach to life and confidence the spirit of bliss, surpassing all barriers of creed, color and gender, no regret, the inner journey, see everything as creation of God, these are features of Kashmir Shaivism. It can create upliftment at individual level and lead to love and harmonious World. Tantras where Taught By lord Shiva Himself for the upliftment of the human being. Kashmir Shaivism also called as trika system is one of the leading philosophy of tantra, Yoga Y.S 1.41 Ksinavrtteh abhijatasya iva maneh grahitr grahana grahyesu tatstha tadanjanata samapattih

“The yogi realizes that the knower, the instrument of knowing and the known are one, himself, the seer. Like a pure transparent jewel, he reflects an unsullied purity.”
Yoga is integration of the outermost layer with the innermost self, this means from the skin to the muscles, bones, nerves, mind, intellect, will, consciousness and self
Yoga is one of the six darshanas ( Views of Hindu System). Archeological Excavations at Harappa(2700-2000 BC) have revealed  statues representing people in asanas and in meditation postures giving the yoga an earlier origin before of the Aryans, this previous culture was the dravidic culture, who venerated the female aspect of the Universe as well the Mother Earth, considerered to be the first tantric root of yoga
Yoga is a science, a philosophy, and a psychology. Yoga science deals with the subtleties of life. It offers a practical side to philosophy and provides a variety of techniques. Yoga psychology teaches how to apply yoga science to know yourself
Through yoga we become conscious of body (asana)  mind and soul. It helps us to keep our inner and outer being flexible, elastic, strong, agile and aligned
“Just as Ananta is the support of the whole earth, so too the support of all Tantra and Yoga is the serpent Kundalini.
If the gurus grace awakens Kundalini then she rises up, piercing all the lotuses ( phychic centres ) and the psychic knots: Vishnugranthi, Brahmagranthi and Rudragranthi.
Then Prana enters sushumna which is the highway of spiritual life and so the mind floats free of all supports and trascends the influence of time.
Sushumna, Shunyapadavi, Brahmarandhra, Mahapatha, Shambhavi and Madhyamarga – all these are the different names of the same Sushumna. To Awaken the Goddess Kundalini who is sleeping at the entrance of sushumna one should practice mudras”.
Hatha Yoga Pradipika  (3: 1 – 5)
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